On Writing Epic Fantasy

Hi all:

Just wanted to post a little something about my attempt to write epic fantasy, which is what my latest novel will be. At least, I think so.

There are so many different variations of books in the “epic fantasy” genre that it’s hard to really pin it down. But for me, epic fantasy is set in a world where magic exists. There is a protagonist who may start out as your average person and then, through whatever combination of luck, or skill, or, heck, divine intervention, slowly grows into a genuine hero.

Certainly that is the type of story that I have written. I’ve always been a fan of epic fantasy. From Andre Norton and her witches to Anne McCaffrey and the Dragons of Pern, any and all good works in this genre have captured my imagination through the years.

And now, with some hubris I suppose, I’ve set about creating my own alternative universe and releasing it into the world. It’s a big step, at least for me. Some would say that my previous works have all presented at least some aspects of epic fantasy and I can’t really dispute that. But it wasn’t intentional. I simply wrote what I wrote because I wanted to write it. Good rules to live by for any aspiring writer, I should think.

However, now I’ve consciously built a world, not too different from our own, but different enough and watched my characters grow within it. Is it epic fantasy? God, I hope so. But whatever others may think it is, for me it fulfills my definition of the genre, and that is enough.

I’ll be releasing my new novel near the end of this month (November) and we’ll see if my little dragonet can actually fly. Or it could flap twice and land headfirst on the rocks below. I hope not. I’ve loved writing this one, I really have.

I hope those of you who read it will love it too.

Stay tuned.


Dragons? What do you mean, dragons?

Hi all!

I wanted to drop by and talk a little about my next novel. I know there are people waiting for either the next book in The Titan’s Legacy or The Angelic Wars series and I’m thrilled that folks enjoy these series so much.

Be assured that I’m working on the next books in both series. But I also want to expand my vision and stretch myself at all times. So, naturally, I’m also working on a new series. Go figure! :)

As the title of the post indicates, my new series has dragons in it. Yeah, I know. What’s up with that? Well, I’ve been a fan of sword and sorcery novels since I was a teen, oh so many years ago. But I didn’t want to write the typical slogging through dungeons, hacking at monsters, yada yada story. I wanted an original plot and cast of characters. And I think, or at least hope, that I’ve found it.

Actually I began writing this story several years ago, shelved it for a while, wrote some more, shelved it again. etc.

But now I’ve finally gotten down to finishing the darned thing. It’s been a blast to write and I’m having a great time. Sometimes I think that a writer needs to step away from writing the same thing day in, day out, and start something fresh. Clears the head and, at least in my case, re-energizes the imagination.

I won’t give away details just yet, but since I’ve received questions in my inbox about the other two series, I wanted to let folks know what was going on.

So not to worry. Justin McLeod and Chris Wright are not forgotten and will continue their adventures. Thanks for all of the concern about them, but they are not disappearing into the abyss.

Take care and keep on reading!


A New Release! Second Book in the Angelic Wars Series

Hi all:

I’ve just released my newest novel. It’s the second book on The Angelic Wars series. It’s called The Rise of the Fallen. You can find it here.

Here is the synopsis…

Thirteen year old Christopher Wright was a kid from the streets. When word got out that he could heal with a touch, a gang known as Talon tried to recruit him. When Chris turned them down, the gang attempted to take him by force. On the run, Chris met Judge Hawkes, the head of a mysterious group known as the Angelic Dominion. The judge informed the skeptical teen that he was one of a group of young people who had been born with the souls of angels. They had been sent to Earth to stop the forces of Hell from bringing about the Apocalypse.
To escape Talon, Chris reluctantly accompanied the judge back to his home to learn that he had, in fact, been telling the truth. He met others like himself and discovered that he wasn’t simply the bearer of an angel’s soul. His was the soul of one of the very first archangels: Sariel, brother of Michael and Lucifer.
Doomed to dwell in Purgatory and guard the Gates of Heaven, Sariel is determined to stop his Fallen brother’s forces here on Earth before they can destroy humanity and march on Heaven itself.

I hope you check it out. Thanks for your time.

Happy reading!



A Post of Gratitude

Hi all:

I just wanted to write a quick post to thank my readers, yet again, for their support of my latest novel. It’s been gratifying to see how many of you have enjoyed following the story of Justin McLeod and the other new Titans. His world is becoming more and more dangerous which, as a writer, gives me fertile fields to grow my stories in.

But I couldn’t do this without you folks and I wanted you to know how much your support means to me and how much it keeps me sharp and on my writing game.

So thanks, truly. With luck, good editing and few distractions, the second book in the ‘Angelic Wars’ will be released before the end of the summer and Chris Wright and his race to stop the forces of Hell will be available for your enjoyment.

It’s been a fun ride so far and that is thanks to all of you.

Take care.



My Latest Novel, Book 3 of The Titan’s Legacy series, is now available.

Hi all:

Well, it took longer than expected, as it always seems to do, but my newest novel is now online and available.

It is called ‘The Hunt for Hyperion’ and is the third volume of the Titan’s Legacy series.

I’d like to thank my readers for their patience, but I’ve never believed in rushing something out the door before it’s as ready as it can be. (looking pointedly at my editor) I really hope you enjoy the latest adventures of Justin McLeod and the other new Titans as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you. I’m hard at work on the next novel in the Angelic Wars series and I hope to have that one out by the Fall. (knocks on wood).

You can access the new book by using this Link

Thank you for all of the emails and tweets. Happy reading!



An Update (Or, What The Heck Is This Guy Up To?)

Hi all:

Just wanted to bring my readers up to speed on what’s been happening with my writing in the last month or so. Yeah, I know; it’s about time.

The third book in my Titan’s Legacy series is coming along well. I hope to have it out by late April or early May, depending on cover design, etc. Justin McLeod is facing some major problems now, along with Aaron and their friends and I’m excited to share this chapter with all of you.

I’m also working on the second book in the Angelic Wars series. As those of you who have read the first book know, this series is darker than the world my Titans live in. And it’s going to get darker still. Chris Wright is changing into something…else and the world is going to get a lot more dangerous as his journey goes on.

I’m also working on two more novels at this time. One is set in quite a different, post-apocalyptic world that actually gives me a bit of a shiver. The other is a sweeping saga peopled with legendary characters mixed in with classic monsters. I love this one as well.

That’s about it for now. I just wanted to let you know where I’ve been and what’s happening. Those of you who have signed up for  my email list will get a letter when new books become available. If you want to join, just click the link at the end of any of my books. I only send out an email when I do a new release.

Thanks again to all of you. Take care.